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Useful essays coca cola

Hire Writer In addition, the analysis will go one step further by referencing the various programs that have been adapted, in order to deal with the diversity issues, as well as what the organization can and should be done to avoid future problems.

Useful essays coca cola

Even though in some of the cases filed, the organization is denying the charges, it still must react to the allegations in order to comply with opinions from both internal and external stakeholders. In all the cases that will be mentioned, management is accused of underpaying, creating Useful essays coca cola work environment, and general discrimination regarding whistle blowing.

Four black, dissatisfied employees filed a racial discrimination lawsuit based upon charges of Coca-Cola underpaying them since they were black and creating a hostile work environment.

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This case ended up becoming a class-action lawsuit that was settled out of court. Even though there was a great deal of changes that Coke went through as a result of the previous case, which will be discussed later, there have been two other cases revolving around racial discrimination.

Both cases are currently still on-going in the court system. Cincinnati Case Another class-action lawsuit was filed in October of by a group of approximately 1, African-Americans that worked for the company since On the other hand, Kevin Johnson, African-American and former HR manager Useful essays coca cola after the first lawsuithad some insights into the organization that was stated in a memorandum regarding the evaluation of race relations at the plant.

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The judge that awarded the case to become a class-action lawsuit informed the plaintiffs that they will have to seek monetary compensation separately Lovel, Hawaii Case Most recently, in earlytwo former Coca-Cola employees filed suit against the company.

There was an attempt of their part to communicate with the vice president of HR, but their efforts were not reciprocated. Electronic Arts Essay The two employees, one a sales center manager and the other HR manager, also claimed that they were discriminated against by Coca-Cola executiveswho are white, not only because of their Asian ethnicity, but also since they were over 40 years old Magin, Theses three cases prove that, even though there are programs and procedures put in place to avoid diversity issues, especially that of racial discrimination, this is an on-going problem within the Coca-Cola organization.

Some of the key features of focus include the following: Become a Fortune Quota Company: Among other Fortune companies, Coke agreed to make a great effort in the hiring and promotional practices of as many non-white employees as possible and to serve as a model for other companies. Responsibilities of the Board of Directors: The Board must be a representation of all racial classes.

An independent Task Force: This outside body will have unprecedented power to force Coca Cola to hire persons of the right color at all levels of the company, without regard to years of service or other demonstrable qualifications besides, of course, the color of their skin 4.

Review by Joint Experts: The Task Force has the power to force Coca Cola to report the promotion and hiring of blacks and other non-whites within the company. These reports will go to the Board of Directors, among others.

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Limitations on managerial discretion: The Task Force will have the power to penalize managers if they do not hire or promote sufficient numbers of non-whites.

Furthermore, the Task Force will force the company to allow any disgruntled minority to challenge appeal promotion or hiring decisions by management if such decisions seem to result in too many white employees being promoted.

No similar support for white employees is mentioned in the settlement agreement. Managers will be forced through this re-education regimen once a year; lower level employees will be forced through his re-education regimen twice a year.

This committee, made up of no more than three people, is established by the Board in an effort to assist in reviewing company policy and practices.

Useful essays coca cola

Specifically public issues that shareholders, Coke, the business community and the general public are concerned with. There is on-going diversity training and development for the committee, which allows them to serve as a liaison between shareholders and management. There have been other initiatives made by the company that aided in it consistently being ranked on the Diversity Inc.

As recently asthe Coca-Cola Company was ranked No. The list is derived from surveys that are submitted, voluntarily, by corporations. In addition, the organization has been awarded for its efforts in diversity.

Racial discrimination is most commonly thought of a superior race dominating and even holding back the progress of another race.

In the business world, this is usually thought of as white managers being in the superior role and minorities blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc.


The Civil Rights Act ofprohibits discrimination in education, housing, public accommodations, and employment. There are various paradigms or approaches that organizational leaders have developed and implemented that allow for organizations to manage diversity.May 8th Coca Cola was created by John S.

and served at Jacobs Pharmacy. At start the company had a rough start and it was named. Coca Cola owns and market four of the top five non-alcoholic sparkling beverage brands in the world such as Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Fanta and Sprite. Coca Cola seeks growth opportunities and efficacies in line with its Vision strategy.

Coca Cola is the largest beverage company of the world, and it provides consumers with more than five hundred different brands. Coca Cola is the most valuable company of the world and it includes as products Fanta, Coca Cola Zero, Powerade, and Minute Maid (The Coca-Cola Company, ).

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Coca-Cola. Wherever you go to, you will see commercials advertising it; whatever fast-food restaurant you drop in to, Coca-Cola (or Pepsi, which is practically the same regardless of what numerous advertisements claim) will .

Coca-cola is the most familiar product in the world, and is one of the largest selling soft drink from the past. Coca-cola was invented on 8th may by Dr John Stith Pemberton in Georgia and the brand was owned in by Asa Candler who had made most of his money by selling coca cola.

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