Tes ks2 newspaper writing activities

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Tes ks2 newspaper writing activities

On starting this unit, a teacher will usually give children a variety of newspaper articles to look at. The class will then discuss the features, possibly starting with the headline. Headlines The teacher will ask the children why the headline is in large, bold font.

They may need to explain that the headline acts as a title or heading which tells the reader, at a glance, what the article is about. It could be a straightforward explanation of fact, for example: It could also be a humorous play on words.

For example, the headline on an article about a local Easter egg hunt might be: Articles will vary as to how they are set out. Some articles have bylines, which appear below the headline.

Bylines A byline may include one or all of the following things: A teacher may discuss with children why this is.

If the article was about an important person, you would need to be able to identify him or her. These photos would usually have captions beneath them, explaining who or what is in the photo.

Fact and opinion in newspaper articles A teacher will usually take some time reading through particular articles with children so that they get a feel for the language used.

They will usually discuss the difference between fact and opinion in the articles. Last Saturday, children were overjoyed to take part in an egg hunt arranged by Mick Holmes, owner of Manor Farm. Eggs of various colours were hidden all around the farm, and one lucky girl, Faye Whiting, struck gold when she found a giant egg hidden in a pile of hay!

Children would need to get into the habit of being able to spot the opinions children being 'overjoyed' and one girl being 'lucky' and the facts the hunt being arranged by Mick Holmes, the egg hidden in a pile of hay. Direct and indirect speech in journalistic writing Another feature of journalistic writing is the use of quotations.

Quotations A quotation is a piece of direct speech that comes from a person associated with the article. Quotations are written in speech marks. Children might be asked to highlight these in the newspaper article, for example: A teacher may discuss the need for quotations in a newspaper article with the class.

Children will be made aware that quotations are important, because it is important to get people's opinions on various matters. Sometimes a journalist will write about what someone has said using reported speech also known as indirect speech, highlighted in yellow below: Writing a newspaper article in primary English Once the children were fully aware of the features of a newspaper article, they would move onto gathering information to write their own.

The teacher might choose an event for the whole class to write about, or they may allow the children to choose their own topic. Children would also need to interview people to provide quotations for their newspaper report, so they might write a list of questions to ask various people at the fair.

They would need to think about what order to put all the different elements and where to start and end each paragraph. Finally, children would need to think about the layout of their newspaper article.

tes ks2 newspaper writing activities

They would need to think about their headline, photos and captions and how this was all going to be arranged on the page. They might be given the opportunity to present their finished piece on the computer.

For more information about other non-fiction texts studied in primary school see our parents' guide to non-fiction."KS2 Ambitious Vocabulary Games and Activities - VCOP Games to Improve Writing" See more. FREE Classroom Display Resources for Early Years (EYFS), Key Stage 1 (KS1) and Key Stage 2 (KS2)" See more.

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Atlantis Black Pie Corbett's Writing Games - Lessons - Tes Teach. Jan 03,  · Degree creative writing ks2 tes; popular culture essay activities for students peace of world essay and harmony.

Economics topics essay newspaper research paper for college volunteer (favorite place to hang out essay) the world around me essay photography essay about love english weekend. Essay on poetry nasha. NEWSPAPER HEADLINES News items and stories in newspapers have headlines above them.

A headline usually has only four or five words. The idea of a headline is . Nov 24,  · Newspaper Writing KS2. Discussion in 'Primary' started by EmmaJ18, Nov 23, One genre of persuasive texts is 'Advertisements.' Teachers may choose to study on-screen adverts like the one below or even look at printed adverts that you will find in newspapers, catalogues, brochures and leaflets to name but a few.

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