Shared knowledge essay

With reference to two areas of knowledge discuss the way in which shared knowledge can shape personal knowledge. It is strongly recommended that students refer to this section. How you define shared and personal knowledge will, obviously, greatly influence how you respond to the question.

Shared knowledge essay

Shared knowledge Both personal knowledge and shared knowledge may be produced from another. Shared knowledge is what by a group of people, has been discovered, where learning has been obtained from, after which the validity, reliability and all the other powers of reason strengths to validate the discovery or point of discussion is shared to be used by individuals in a global community and hence becomes common or well-known.

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Example, the discovery by a group of scientists Copernicus, Plato, Ferdinand Magellan and Pythagoras that the world is round, this has been Shared knowledge essay reasonable and thus worthy to conclude it as a fact from experimental findings that made sense both to the scientists themselves and the global community.

But could one not disagree with such evidence that something of that sort does prevail or is happening? Especially based on their beliefs on how culture delineates their view of the world? Could this then this give the kind of knowledge obtained? Since its publicity and reliability suggests that no one is to go against the confirmed discovery?

Perhaps as a result, shared knowledge at which the world can bank on at all times for as long as there are no newfangled findings or paradigm shifts about it is the basis from which personal knowledge may be obtained. On the contrary, apart from natural sciences, what do indigenous knowledge systems say about adaptation of personal knowledge from shared knowledge?

In my culture, shared knowledge is not necessarily the preliminary trigger prior to my personal knowledge. This is because in my childhood era, how I would dress, communicate with the elders, blamelessly be obedient to my parents and elders in the society would not be from the knowledge I gained from religion Christianitybut rather from how my parents and the society treated me.

My culture states that a child belongs to every parent in the society and that it is the responsibility of every parent in the society to straighten the stick while it is still wet, which mean as children we would have to be directed in a good way by every parent in the society.

Therefore my moral values were not obtained from shared knowledge. Yet in the commencement of my learning of religion, shared knowledge from this way of knowing played a gigantic part in shaping my personal knowledge. Before I gained knowledge about Christianity, I believed in ancestors.

But later on, the way I would imagine or perceive God to be while learning from cultural beliefs and comparing both culture and Christianity became different when I got exposed to the Bible. This made my imagination and perception of God over ancestors and how I felt about Him deeper than before.

It basically made me fear Him so much that I learned how to do by His Word more than culture would expect me to do with ancestry.

Shared knowledge essay

On the other hand, personal knowledge is the information known by one person, either from adaptation using shared knowledge, individual findings from which one learns, and all other self-related issues that may or may not be worthy to share to the world in order to become shared knowledge.

Personal knowledge may be predominantly based on personal opinion, intuition, experiences, usually observations and the perspective of an individual. Example, knowledge of my feelings and emotions and the knowledge I gain from hand washing clothes and the way of putting them on a line. My technique in doing this is exceptionally different from what one other individual would do and how they would do it.

It may then not be viewed the same way by another person, which brings about its personality and its difficulty in becoming shared knowledge as it may not be reliable to others.

In shaping up personal knowledge, shared knowledge would involve different ways of knowing for an individual to gain and adapt different skills pertained to them alone. History serves as a manner in which adaptation of personal knowledge can be obtained, a chronological order of past events sets as the basis from which such skills as writing skills and ways of presenting information are set.

In conveying the message on how the 19th and 20th century female teenagers have their have had their innocence devalued by desperate soldiers, Nardine Gordimer has from the history of WW II learned of ways through which to portray such information in writing.

Her conclusion on deciding to dominate the story with a lot of euphemism and love, was due to the extent at which the story was explicit. It elicited countless scenarios that if explicitly described, would make the book not fit for study in schools because of moral values and rules.The Shared Knowledge Group Literacy Foundation is a non profit charity dedicated to providing funding to literacy programs.

Donate books or buy books today! Personal knowledge, on the other hand, is not so easily shared. This might be because it is not so easily put into words.

The TOK subject guide stresses that this type of knowledge depends crucially on the experiences of the individual whereas shared knowledge does not.

Personal knowledge Hire Writer Second, institutional learning process can affect the way individuals understand the world.
to ask is the task Shared knowledge Both personal knowledge and shared knowledge may be produced from another.
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Essay: Shared knowledge - Essay UK Free Essay Database Shared knowledge Both personal knowledge and shared knowledge may be produced from another.
Shared Knowledge Literacy Foundation Order now Our actions are based on an account with three critical originators: For day-to-day difficulties, one must take action based on his or her shared and personal knowledge; both types are equally imperative for us.

Shared knowledge, in common sense, refers to a body of knowledge that is commonly accepted or rejected by a collective organization (IB TOK guide). Personal knowledge, on the other hand, refers to a body knowledge acquired from experiences of a particular individual (IB TOK guide).

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Sep 22,  · 4. With reference to two areas of knowledge discuss the way in which shared knowledge can shape personal knowledge. The IB ToK Guide (first assessment ) has a fairly detailed section broadly outlining definitions of “shared knowledge” and “personal knowledge”, this section is labelled.

IB TOK: What is personal knowledge and shared knowledge?