Reading writing and romance imdb

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Reading writing and romance imdb

Most predictable movie ever- I cannot believe Andreea Negoita liked it. I knew what was going to happen before it did and I honestly felt like I was watching it for the 3rd time! There were no twists, no suspense, no surprises.

I could not believe that there would be so many cliches and unrealistic scenes. I can't imagine how unbearable it must have been for those who read the book. We knew that Tris would not go into the same faction as her family, we knew which one she'd choose, we knew that she'd fall in love with Four, we knew that she wouldn't get kicked out of training, we knew that Four would find out that she was a Divergent but wouldn't tell anybody etc Unless you are a teenage girl who finds Theo James hot and unless you have never read any books or watched any other movies in your life, I see no reason why you would want to waste 2 and a half hours of your life watching Divergent.

It's a book without much action and most of the narrative is internalized to the protagonist. Books like that tend to struggle to adapt well and Divergent is no different. The director tried to make changes to the story in order to try and make it work but I honestly think it was futile.

It's just not a good story for a 2-hour interpretation. Even at that, I would rather have seen the story stay true and struggle to adapt than change and struggle. All in all, it was set up to fail from the beginning.

Shailene Woodley and Theo James gave solid performances and the special effects and action sequences were done well but they made the film watchable and slightly enjoyable at best. Apparently, it stands for poor writing, poor directing, poor casting, and poor acting.

Let's start with the poor writing. Obviously this movie would be more enjoyable if one had read the book. Well, I hadn't, and therefore I was confused because the back-up story was non-existent.

reading writing and romance imdb

The movie takes place in an dystopian society. However, nobody tells what really happened to the world. Without adding any spoilers, it is hard to specify why the quality of the writing is constantly so poor, but let's just say that the story is so full of holes it looks like an emmental cheese.

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Good directing could have compensated for the ludicrous writing, but in Divergent they seem to form an unholy alliance. The scenes lack credibility - especially the action ones.Energy essay topics ks3 advantages of reading essay vegetarian diets profession economic essay home about painting essay dogs and cats?

reading writing and romance imdb

essay on healthy and diet meditation (the example of reflection essay critical) essay cross cultural family law clinic. Nov 24,  · I remember reading stories about how he kept apologizing to Poitier for all the things he had to say as his character in the film.

And kudos to Joseph Mankiewicz for his script and direction. 🔥Citing and more! Add citations directly into your paper, Check for unintentional plagiarism and check for writing mistakes. Yes, it was a catered romance relationship.

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