Reaction paper with regard to philippine

The Dutertes consider the Cebu-based political families of the Durano and the Almendras clan as relatives. Vicente worked as a lawyer engaged in private practice. Soledad worked as a teacher until when Vicente entered politics.

Reaction paper with regard to philippine

I may utterly detest what you write, but I shall fight to the death to make it possible for you to continue writing it. For the ultimate good which we all strive to achieve for ourselves and our posterity can better be reached by a free exchange of ideas, where the best test of truth is the power of the Reaction paper with regard to philippine to get itself accepted in the competition of the free market — not just the ideas we desire, but including those thoughts we despise.

Na ang mga baboy at kahit anong uri ng hayop sa Mindanao ay hindi kinakain ng mga Muslim? Para sa kanila ang mga ito ay isang sagradong bagay. Hindi nila ito kailangang kainin kahit na sila pa ay magutom at mawalan ng ulam sa tuwing sila ay kakain. Ginagawa nila itong Diyos at sinasamba pa nila ito sa tuwing araw ng kanilang pangingilin lalung-lalo na sa araw na tinatawag nilang 'Ramadan'.

The subject article was directed at the Muslims without mentioning or identifying the herein plaintiffs x x x. It is thus apparent that the alleged libelous article refers to the larger collectivity of Muslims for which the readers of the libel could not readily identify the personalities of the persons defamed.

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Hence, it is difficult for an individual Muslim member to prove that the defamatory remarks apply to him. The evidence presented in this case failed to convince this court that, indeed, the defamatory remarks really applied to the herein plaintiffs.

It opined that it was "clear from the disputed article that the defamation was directed to all adherents of the Islamic faith. It stated that pigs were sacred and idolized as god by members of the Muslim religion.

This libelous imputation undeniably applied to the plaintiff-appellants who are Muslims sharing the same religious beliefs. Defamation, which includes libel and slander, means the offense of injuring a person's character, fame or reputation through false and malicious statements.

Absent circumstances specifically pointing or alluding to a particular member of a class, no member of such class has a right of action11 without at all impairing the equally demanding right of free speech and expression, as well as of the press, under the Bill of Rights.

Reaction paper with regard to philippine

Intermediate Appellate Court,13 we dismissed a complaint for libel against Newsweek, Inc. Private respondents, incorporated associations of sugarcane planters in Negros Occidental claiming to have 8, members and several individual members, filed a class action suit for damages in behalf of all sugarcane planters in Negros Occidental.

We ratiocinated — x x x where the defamation is alleged to have been directed at a group or class, it is essential that the statement must be so sweeping or all-embracing as to apply to every individual in that group or class, or sufficiently specific so that each individual in the class or group can prove that the defamatory statement specifically pointed to him, so that he can bring the action separately, if need be x x x x The case at bar is not a class suit.

It is not a case where one or more may sue for the benefit of all, or where the representation of class interest affected by the judgment or decree is indispensable to make each member of the class an actual party.

We have here a case where each of the plaintiffs has a separate and distinct reputation in the community. They do not have a common or general interest in the subject matter of the controversy.

In the present case, there was no fairly identifiable person who was allegedly injured by the Bulgar article.


Since the persons allegedly defamed could not be identifiable, private respondents have no individual causes of action; hence, they cannot sue for a class allegedly disparaged.

Private respondents must have a cause of action in common with the class to which they belong to in order for the case to prosper. An individual Muslim has a reputation that is personal, separate and distinct in the community. Each Muslim, as part of the larger Muslim community in the Philippines of over five 5 million people, belongs to a different trade and profession; each has a varying interest and a divergent political and religious view — some may be conservative, others liberal.

A Muslim may find the article dishonorable, even blasphemous; others may find it as an opportunity to strengthen their faith and educate the non-believers and the "infidels. Each reputation is personal in character to every person. Together, the Muslims do not have a single common reputation that will give them a common or general interest in the subject matter of the controversy.

The Evening Call Publishing Company,14 the United States Court of Appeals held that one guiding principle of group libel is that defamation of a large group does not give rise to a cause of action on the part of an individual unless it can be shown that he is the target of the defamatory matter.

The rule on libel has been restrictive. In an American case,15 a person had allegedly committed libel against all persons of the Jewish religion. The Court held that there could be no libel against an extensive community in common law.

In an English case, where libel consisted of allegations of immorality in a Catholic nunnery, the Court considered that if the libel were on the whole Roman Catholic Church generally, then the defendant must be absolved.

In another case, the plaintiffs claimed that all Muslims, numbering more than million, were defamed by the airing of a national television broadcast of a film depicting the public execution of a Saudi Arabian princess accused of adultery, and alleging that such film was "insulting and defamatory" to the Islamic religion.

The California Court stressed that the aim of the law on defamation was to protect individuals; a group may be sufficiently large that a statement concerning it could not defame individual group members. A Guide to the Law of Libel,"19 discusses the inappropriateness of any action for tortious libel involving large groups, and provides a succinct illustration:TIJUANA, Mexico (AP) — A few blocks from a shelter housing members of a Central American migrant caravan sits the first Haitian restaurant to.

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VOLTAIRE'S PONTIFICAL VERSE bestirs once again the basic liberties to free speech and free press — liberties that belong as well, if not more, to those who question, who do not conform, who differ.

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