Ps 200 unit 9 final project

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Ps 200 unit 9 final project

PS-Cost Reports There is plan cost from network having activity elements. Can someone tell me what is the reason here? Then GR is created and commitment reduced to actuals. Then GR reversal return delivery to vendor is made and actuals reduced to commitment. What could be the reason for this discrepancy?

Component scheduling I am currently using SAP v4. Currently the materials finish date lines up with the finish date of the activity.

Ps 200 unit 9 final project

I am desperate to find a way in which I can: Note the same materials are used on numerous networks and maybe required to be scheduled differently depending on the network. Any other activities following the first activity should be scheduled, then it will also adopt the relevant activity date.

I need the start date of the material to line up with the start date of the activity. Then all lower levels of the BOM will be planned so that they are available for the start of the activity. Also check whether u have scheduled the activities or not. There are a few different ways to assign different dates for material within the same Activity.

You also can use negative values 2- 5- etc. The only drawback to useing this method is that these dates will never change even if you adjust the dates on the Activity itself. Budget check on L category Is it possible to establish a budget check in the following cases?

If so please inform me about how it can be done: I need the check in place at the Requisition level or at the PO level. The amount of the requisition or the PO should check against the budget that I have assigned for that project to the higher level WBS.

I am using a Gen. Cost activity for creating a planning estimate for procurement of services and materials. Since no document is generated I assumed that the value of the Cost activity cannot be checked against the budget assigned to the higher level WBS.

How can I get this to default to all other WBS element below? Where do we input this field? Use transaction OPUJ to manage your field status. Try to use field level on your substitution rules. I have used it for the same cause and it worked. It exists into table PROJ because of the automatic settlement rule.

Ps 200 unit 9 final project

Substitutions I have a request to do a field to field substitution when creating the project definition. In order to prevent the need to enter data multiple times into required fields within all the levels of the WBS structure, it is required that we use substitution.

In this way, data entered into fields on the Project Definition, Level 1 or Level 2 WBS element can be defaulted down through the structure to the corresponding lower level WBS elements.

Do any of you use substitutions in this way? You could have multiple profiles in which you set the default values. These values will then replicated through your project. Is there any way to load historic real cost to PEP elements?

At this moment we use a neutral FI note that loads an historic cost center and PEP element with the same amount on credit and debit position. Is there a more easy and correct way? We are in 4.

This is usually done on the Project Definition and the network would automatically pick up the basic start or in the case of backwards scheduling, the finish date.

The config is in the "field selection" screen on the WBS elements. The transaction code for this configuration is OPUJ. Screen field selection of the notification In 4.Heathkit SB Repair and Mods: Soft Start, ARC protection, and B replacement.

OL Week Final Project One Milestone One: Introduction of a Successful Company Instructions Submit a one-page (maximum) document that will identify your chosen successful company from the suggested list.

You are expected to provide a brief overview of the successful company that you have chosen to benchmark for management best practices.

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