Problem 5 9

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Problem 5 9

This is the second page on subtracting fractions. If you want to see some simpler examples with like and unlike fractions, just click here.

If not, let's look at mixed numbers. Subtracting Mixed Numbers You've got fractions with common denominators and unlike fractions under control now. Let's look at an example with Problem 5 9 numbers before we go.

Problem 5 9

Our first example will look at mixed numbers that have common denominators. They are like fractions with a common denominator of 9.

You'll have to create that pesky common denominator to finish the problem. Let's try this example: We've got 4 and 8. You may find a situation where you need to subtract fractions, but the amounts will require you to borrow or regroup numbers like you do in regular subtraction.

Think about 22 - 8. You would need to borrow from the tens column to finish the problem. The same thing can happen with fractions. You're going to need to borrow from the whole number in the mixed number. There are several ways to solve these problems. We're going to offer one example here.

No issues with common denominators for this one. We're good with 8. Usually you can just subtract here and move forward, but is going to give you a -4 for an answer. You could just subtract and get that negative number as a result, but we're going to use improper fractions to solve the problem.

Remember how to make improper fractions? The numerator will be larger than the denominator. Start by turning the whole number into a fraction and then add the two parts to make an improper fraction.

Remember this is just a division problem with a remainder: To simplify, we will use the common factor 4. You can use it all the time when you multiply and divide fractions.

Negative Values You may get problems where you subtract a larger fraction from a smaller one. Your answer will wind up less than zero. It's just like regular subtraction. Let's do a fraction with those numbers We think the easiest way is to use improper fractions.

Here's a quick example with no explanation. You can see what we did: It's going to be really easy when you compare it to all the common denominator work we do with addition and subtraction.Printing Problem in Approach / with XP.

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Problem 5 9

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