Plagiarism paper liberty university

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Plagiarism paper liberty university

Avoiding Plagiarism Introduction In the forms of plagiarism discussed in the previous section, each description suggested a common reason why or how various forms of academic dishonesty can evolve. If you are to avoid committing forms of plagiarism, knowing how they happen is a must.

You and your situation are different from every other student, however. The methodology noted in the previous section is simply a possibility or a common habit, so be open to and aware of how these issues might occur in other ways or for other reasons.

Once a major reason behind the issue Plagiarism paper liberty university identified either intentional or accidentalthen you can work on correcting those behaviors or mindsets. Forming Good Habits Notetaking The research process can be rife with difficulties.

Not only is finding good sources a challenge, but reading through it all can be more time consuming than anything else in the writing process.

Plagiarism paper liberty university

The first thing to remember about collecting research is to be organized and to keep track of everything. Select and consistently follow a system that will become habit, using it every time, for every class and every project.

The system that works for one student may not work for you, though, so be aware that finding a good system might take a few trials runs.

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Ideally, by the time you reach university-level courses, you will have found the method that works for you, but here are some tips and guidelines that can help avoid plagiarism.

If possible, you should begin the writing process not with research but with notes about what you know about the topic—without research. This could be something as formal as a rough draft or something more casual like headings or brainstormed ideas.

The goal is to use whatever method is natural to have a record of what you know before the project even really begins. It might also be a good idea to save this file and e-mail it to your account. This will keep a time-stamped record illustrating your knowledge that can be used to distinguish prior knowledge from ideas acquired through research if you are unsure later in the writing process.

Note what database or what library system was used, what search engine was used, which search terms resulted in that source, and other important information. This information will be necessary for citation, but it will also become important should you need to look up the source again later.

Alternatively, if you prefer to work in paper form, you can keep separate note cards or a notebook that can be separated into specific sections.

A common way to gather materials is to keep them by source. For instance, you might keep all of you notes about Source 1 in a file. Is it organized by sources or is it organized by topic? The paragraphs of an essay are constructed by major topics or concepts, so consider analyzing a source and taking notes organized by topic as well.

After taking notes about the source, separate the notes by concept and then create different files for each: Topic 1, Topic 2, and so on.

As you read and evaluate all your sources, you can then disseminate each source into those topic files. This will gather together ideas from a variety of sources that all fall under the same related topic, which makes them easier to use in the drafting process when it comes time to write a paragraph.

This also helps you see more clearly which topics have little to no research support indicating more is needed or where one topic has too much indicating it may need to be split into subtopics or excess research may need to be removed. Yes, cite, even in the notetaking stage.View Notes - Liberty's plagiarism policy from NBST at Liberty University.

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Question 1. Does the Christian worldview uniquely meet the criterion of the worldview “test”? Liberty University also has a strict policy against a student using the same paper (or portions thereof) in more than one class or assignment, which it deems “self-plagiarism.”.

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