Mother by maxim gorky

Their work in the factory dehumanizes them and robs them of their energy; as a result, they live like beasts. When the worker Michael Vlasov dies, his wife, Pelagueya, fears that her son Pavel will lead the same anguished, brutal life. Gradually, however, she notices with joy and apprehension that Pavel is turning out differently and that he is given to reading.

Mother by maxim gorky

Background[ edit ] Mother is considered to be the only long work of Gorky on the Russian revolutionary movement; however, of all his novels, it is possibly the least successful. The political agenda behind the novel was clear.

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Inafter the defeat of Russian's first revolution, Gorky tried to raise the spirit of the proletarian movement by conveying the political agenda among the readers through his work.

He was trying to raise spirit among the revolutionaries to battle the defeatist mood. Gorky, being a distant relative of Anna Zalomova who visited Gorky's family when he was a child, had a deeper connection to the story.

The event took place during a May Day demonstration in Sormovo in The shipbuilding town of Sormovo was near Gorky's native town, Nizhny Novgorodwhere after the arrest of Piotr Zalomov by tsarist police, his mother, Anna Zalomova followed him into revolutionary activity.

Pelageya Nilovna Vlasova is the real protagonist; her husband, a heavy drunkard, physically assaults her and leaves all the responsibility for raising their son, Pavel Vlasov, to her, but unexpectedly dies.

Mother by maxim gorky

Pavel noticeably begins to emulate his father in his drunkenness and stammer, but suddenly becomes involved in revolutionary activities. Abandoning drinking, Pavel starts to bring books to his home. Being illiterate and having no political interest, Nilovna is at first cautious about Pavel's new activities.

Mother by maxim gorky

However, she wants to help him. Pavel is shown as the main revolutionary character.


Nevertheless Nilovna, moved by her maternal feelings and, though uneducated, overcoming her political ignorance to become involved in revolution, is considered the true protagonist of the novel.In this excerpt from "Mother" by Maxim Gorky, which idea is the Little Russian promoting?

In the small room a vast feeling was born of the universal kinship of the workers of the world, at the same time its masters and its slaves, who had already been freed from the bondage of prejudice and who felt themselves the new masters of life/5(8).

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Mother - Maxim Gorky by Maxim Gorky Maksim Gorky was a Soviet author and founder of the socialist realism literary method. He was also a political activist who spent several lengthy stays in Capri and Italy. Mother Homework Help Questions. What is the summary of the novel Mother by Maxim Gorky?

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As an author who wrote happily under the Soviet Union and began the literary method called "social realism. “Maxim Gorky” is a pen name for his long and easily forgotten Russian name.

It means “Maxim the Bitter.” This novel, most often titled, “The Mother,” explores the working conditions in a Russian town controlled by the major factory there/5(K).

8 Mother - Maxim Gorky long and deep, goading on their feeble stom-achs with the biting, burning lash of vodka. In the evening they amused themselves idly. Mother [Maxim Gorky] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

The famous novel of revolutionary conversion and struggle. This novel of Russia before the Revolution is without question the masterpiece of GorkyReviews: 4.

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