Mercedes benz aav

The design team headed by Gerhard Steinle exaggerated the exterior design of the M-Class and developed a new interior with integrated telecommunication and entertainment features.

Mercedes benz aav

Mercedes-Benz United States International used function groups with representatives from Mercedes benz aav area of the company Mercedes benz aav, development, engineering, purchasing, production, and controlling to design the vehicle and production systems.

A modular construction process was used to produce the AAV. First-tier suppliers provided systems, rather than individual parts or components, for production of approximately 65, vehicles annually.

The first phase, the concept phase, was initiated in The concept phase resulted in a feasibility study that was approved by the board. Following board approval, the project realization phase began inwith production commencing in Key elements of the various phases are described below.

The analysis revealed opportunities in the rapidly expanding sports utility vehicle market that was dominated by Jeep, Ford, and GM. Market research was conducted to estimate potential worldwide sales opportunities for a high-end AAV with the characteristics of a Mercedes-Benz.

A rough cost estimate was developed that included materials, labor, overhead, and one-time development and project costs. Projected cash flows were analyzed over a year period using net present value NPV analysis to acquire project approval from the board of directors.

For example, risk factors included monetary exchange rate fluctuations, different sales levels due to consumer substitution of the AAV for another MB product, and product and manufacturing cost that differed from projections.

Based on the economic feasibility study of the concept phase, the board approved the project and initiated a search for potential manufacturing locations. Sites located in Germany, other European countries, and the United States were evaluated.

These clinics produced important information about how the proposed vehicle would be received by potential customers and the press. Customers were asked to rank the importance of various characteristics including safety, comfort, economy, and styling. Engineers organized in function groups designed systems to deliver these essential characteristics.

However, MB would not lower its internal standards for components, even if initial customer expectations might be lower than the MB standard. For example, many automotive experts believed the superior handling of MB products resulted from manufacturing the best automobile chassis in the world.

Thus, each class within the MB line met strict standards for handling, even though these standards might exceed customer expectations for some classes.

MB did not use target costing to produce the lowest-price vehicle in an automotive class. However, the additional cost would have to translate into greater perceived value on the part of the customer.

Throughout the project realization phase, the vehicle and vehicle target cost remained alive because of changing dynamics.

Mercedes benz aav

For example, the market moved toward the luxury end of the spectrum while the AAV was under development. In addition, crash test results were incorporated into the evolving AAV design. For these reasons, MB found it beneficial to place the design and testing team members in close physical proximity to other functions within the project to promote fast communication and decision making.

Sometimes new technical features, such as side air bags, were developed by MB. In addition, a three-year plan including income statements was prepared annually and reported to the headquarters in Germany.

Monthly departmental meetings were held to discuss actual cost performance compared with standards developed during the cost estimation process. Thus, the accounting system served as a control mechanism to ensure that actual production costs would conform to target or standard costs.

Next, components of each function group were identified, with their associated costs. Cost reduction targets were set by comparing the estimated existing cost with the target cost for each function group.

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These function groups included the following: Next, cost reduction targets were established for each component. The AAV manufacturing process relied on high value-added systems suppliers.

For example, the entire cockpit was purchased as a unit from a systems supplier. Thus, systems suppliers were part of the development process from the beginning of the project.This article contains the original script of the movie The Lost World: Jurassic the script is sometimes very different from the movie.

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Mercedes-Benz’s choice of the Detroit Auto Show to present one of its concept vehicles in was quite deliberate. The vehicle in question was a sport-utility vehicle, and North America is the world’s largest market for comfortable offroad vehicles. This is a list of vehicles and aircraft used by the United States Marine Corps, for combat, support, and motor transport.

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Mercedes benz aav

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