Hr policies of reliance

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Hr policies of reliance

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Courtney is located in Chattanooga, TN and has practiced employment law for over 15 years, representing hundreds of private and public entities in harassment and discrimination charges and litigation.

For 8 years, she served as a University system attorney where she advised on employment and Title IX investigations. Courtney regularly counsels employers on employment-law related matters and institutions in Title IX compliance. She specializes in Title IX investigations for private and public institutions.

Courtney received her undergraduate degree from Indiana University and earned her J. Advocate, Educate, Collaborate Your supervisor comes to you, Hr policies of reliance even the president of your university, and informs you that in addition to your duties as the HR director, or a faculty member, or the Director of Office of Equity and Diversity, you will now serve as the Title IX Coordinator for the campus.

You are whisked off to an intensive training where it is like drinking from a compliance fire hose. You learn about survivors, predators, complaint intake, interviews, training, investigations and statistics. You learn about what your institution should be doing to comply with all of these federal laws.

Hr policies of reliance

You walk away thinking one or more of the following: The first step in adapting to your new responsibilities is simple in theory but often difficult in day to day execution and that is to know your role in institutional compliance.

The reality is, an enormous responsibility now rests at your feet. Not only do you have a responsibility to the institution but you also have a responsibility to the students on your campus, especially those involved in a complaint, because their lives will be forever impacted.

I do not say this to scare you, but to ensure you understand the gravity and the importance of your position. As you proceed in your new position, there are some tenants that will help you stay focused on your role and responsibilities as Title IX Coordinator.

These three tenants will provide you with a foundation to build on as you enter the compliance world, and are applicable to both novice Title IX Coordinators assuming multiple roles and those who are seasoned, dedicated, Title IX Coordinators.

First and foremost, you are an advocate for institutional compliance and this can become an unpopular position with your colleagues. In that role, there will be times when there is the perception that you are advocating for a specific party involved in an allegation.

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If, for example, you recommend interim measures that assist a complainant but inconvenience a respondent you may be perceived as being pro-complainant. There will be times when you are mandating training in order to effectuate compliance and you encounter resistance from a division or department.

There may be times where you have to recommend something to a superior that you know will be controversial or ignite conflict. There will often be times when you are seen as making a process more difficult or cumbersome. Remind yourself that your role is to advocate for and protect the institution at large, no matter how unpopular that position may be.

If OCR comes on to your campus for an investigation, the first stop will be you. Educate yourself on what is occurring on your campus by way of compliance.To err is human—even in human resources. Here’s how new practitioners can miss the mark, according to the HR hive mind.

Reliance HR Policies - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt /.pptx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online.

Scribd is the 1/5(1). I remember shortly after joining the in-house legal team at a Fortune company 20+ years ago, a co-worker taking me to lunch and saying, “don’t trust HR.

HR SUPPORT SYSTEM SAP – HR The Reliance ADA group is on the move to e-enable all HR functions and the employee interface. We are in the process of adopting state- of-the art ERP software - SAP, across all locations and businesses. I installed the Reliance gallon water heater at my store just over a week ago.

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