Essay on taking blood pressure

Here is your short essay on Blood Pressure Tabasum Advertisements: The pressure at which blood is pumped around the body by the heart is called blood pressure. The blood pressure of a person is always expressed in the form of two values called 'systolic pressure' and 'diastolic pressure'.

Essay on taking blood pressure

We make accurate and reliable blood pressure measurement our business So, it only makes sense that we should care about accurate blood pressure measurement from a fundamental perspective, which is the inspiration for my first blog post.

As most readers probably know, the typical method for blood pressure measurement has long been the manual auscultatory technique with a mercury column or mechanical aneroid sphygmomanometer.

However, with the benefits that automated BP devices provide with a repeatable standardized technique and removal of observer bias, there has been a shift towards automated devices in clinical practice.

As the American Heart Association AHA states in their most recent recommendations for blood pressure measurement, "there is a role for automated devices in office use, both as a substitute for traditional manual readings and as supplements to them. Step 1 - Choose the right equipment: What you will need: A quality stethoscope 2.

An appropriately sized blood pressure cuff 3. Step 2 - Prepare the patient: Make sure the patient is relaxed by allowing 5 minutes to relax before the first reading. Be sure you and the patient refrain from talking during the reading.

Step 3 - Choose the proper BP cuff size: Most measurement errors occur by not taking the time to choose the proper cuff size. Otherwise, choose the appropriate smaller or larger cuff.

Step 4 - Place the BP cuff on the patient's arm: Wrap the BP cuff snugly around the arm. Step 5 - Position the stethoscope: On the same arm that you placed the BP cuff, palpate the arm at the antecubical fossa crease of the arm to locate the strongest pulse sounds and place the bell of the stethoscope over the brachial artery at this location.

Step 6 - Inflate the BP cuff: Begin pumping the cuff bulb as you listen to the pulse sounds. When the BP cuff has inflated enough to stop blood flow you should hear no sounds through the stethoscope.

If this value is unknown you can inflate the cuff to - mmHg. If pulse sounds are heard right away, inflate to a higher pressure. Step 7 - Slowly Deflate the BP cuff: This may resemble a tapping noise at first. Step 9 - Listen for the Diastolic Reading: Continue to listen as the BP cuff pressure drops and the sounds fade.

Note the gauge reading when the rhythmic sounds stop. This will be the diastolic reading. Step 10 - Double Check for Accuracy: The AHA recommends taking a reading with both arms and averaging the readings.High Blood Pressure Essay Words | 6 Pages.

Data from World health organization (), estimated that high blood pressure was the cause of death for more than 7 million individuals every year, affecting million of world population which accounts for % in total, % of those are men and % are women.

The Fundamental Caring skill of Blood Pressure recording. Print Reference this.

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Disclaimer: This essay will also demonstrate an understanding of best practice for the theory of blood pressure measurement of the patient. The factors which can influence different results in the measuring of blood pressure.

Essay on taking blood pressure

When taking a blood pressure I. While taking blood pressure consider age, weight, family history, commitment and gender to see if the subject has low or high blood pressure normally.

After receiving all the data the charts that were made were based on age and gender.

Essay on taking blood pressure

Checking Your Blood Pressure at Home. Tips for Checking Your Own Blood Pressure; Before Checking Your Blood Pressure Try to avoid as many of these factors as you can when taking your blood. ANP causes blood vessels to widen (vasodilation) therefore lowering the blood pressure as the blood has a larger space to travel around the body.

The hormone also increases the loss of water and salt, therefore producing more dilute urine, which reduces the amount of water in the blood, also helping to lower blood pressure (Tortora and Derrickson ). MANUAL BLOOD PRESSURE ASSESSMENT TECHNIQUE 2 Abstract: Taking a blood pressure reading is very important in the medical field.

It is a way to detect cardiovascular health and treatment effectiveness. It is a way to detect cardiovascular health and treatment effectiveness.

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