Crop circle research paper

His paper asserts that the long-recognized connection of crop circles to balls of light may be even stronger than many think. Haselhoff outlines the important findings of his paper. Over the years, numerous people have claimed that they have seen how a crop circle was created by one or more "balls of light".

Crop circle research paper

Crop circle research paper

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Crop circle research paper

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My paper shows that the node lengthening in several crop circles corresponds perfectly to the effect that would be created by a ball of light, heating up the crop during the creation of the crop circle.

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Although most wheat is consumed within the country where it is produced, roughly one-fifth of the annual crop is exported. World wheat trade was estimated at million tonnes in , most of which was imported by developing countries. Despite increase in production during the past three decades.

A fairy ring, also known as fairy circle, elf circle, elf ring or pixie ring, is a naturally occurring ring or arc of mushrooms. The rings may grow to over 10 metres (33 ft) in diameter, and they become stable over time as the fungus grows and seeks food underground.

They are found mainly in forested areas, but also appear in grasslands or rangelands. Despite claims by hoaxers and others, the phenomena of crop circles formation remains an enigma yet to be explained by science.

Explore popular theories.

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