Cats make better pets than dogs essay

If you tell a dog lover that cats make better pets, be prepared to lose your best friend or be served with divorce papers.

Cats make better pets than dogs essay

Cats make better pets than dogs essay

But when a cat accepted my touch and then seemed indifferent, it was a perfect match, R. Have a story to tell? See our guidelines at tgam. I wanted a pet but dismissed the idea of cat ownership, holding onto some vague notion that it was an undesirable choice for a middle-aged bachelor, or rather, that it made that bachelor undesirable as a choice.

I travel too much, eat out too much, drink too much and sleep too much. Our first cat, Kitty, was a short-haired calico stray that ingratiated herself to all but my mother. Kitty disappeared one day, never to reappear.

My parents tried to comfort me with the supposition that she was a stray, after all, and had likely found a benefactor who offered more delectable scraps of food, perhaps even the great K. My father fell in love with the distant and elusive cat, his heart wanting what it could never have.

He even cleverly constructed an elaborate shelter for the cat, hoping to encourage a consistent resting spot. Story continues below advertisement Puss Puss came home one day and dropped dead. Many of the options were beautiful but swiped at me. My cat was a scowling pear-shaped tuxedo, who, nevertheless, accepted my touch and then seemed indifferent.

I was indifferent, too. He settled in fine. He ate correctly, expelled properly, talked constantly in a surprising variety of guttural grunts and cuddled when it was convenient. He is far from solitary and actually seems interested in my every move. I would have garnered less outrage if I started a romantic relationship with a prison pen pal.

Cats, as the narrative goes, are not defined by love, but by self-interest and indifference, making them inferior to the unfailingly loving and loyal dog. If we consider human relationships, however, I personally consider a bit of indifference healthier than one party receiving unequivocal devotion that the other could never reciprocate.

What we have is honest. I enlisted Fritz to warm my lap on occasion.Jasmine is writing to explain why cats make better pets than dogs. Which is the MOST LIKELY way she will organize her essay? - Join now Middle School.

English. 5 points Jasmine is writing to explain why cats make better pets than dogs. Which is the MOST LIKELY way she will organize her essay? A) sequence of events.

Dec 10,  · Dogs are better than cats – at least scientifically speaking A dog really is man's best friend claims a new scientific study that shows that canines make better pets than their arch rivals cats. In their book "Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats," they contend that dogs are social while cats are sociopaths. Dogs warm up to people, but people have to warm up to cats. Dogs want lots of love, but cats only want lots of fish. Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats Essay Words | 4 Pages. Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats I think dogs are better than cats for many reasons. I’m sure it is not without reason that dogs are called “man’s best friend.” They are loyal, obedient, and also protective.

In my new book, 67 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs, I settle the question of cats vs. dogs once and for all. Using science and logic.

Essay title: Dogs Vs Cats

Here are just a few of the reasons why cats are better. To some people cats will be better than dogs and to other people dogs will be better than cats. It is about choice and what a person likes. But neither companion animal is better than . Conversely, other individuals feel that dogs are better than cats.

Different reasons influence people’s choice of a pet. Given the facts about the two animals, dogs are better pets than cats. Dogs are better than cats. Some people go through a hard time before they can make a decision on whether to settle for a dog or a cat as their pet.

Pros of Owning a Cat

New research shows why cats are more independent than dogs Helicopter parenting better for pets than for kids So let's breed cats with the same loyalty as dogs. And make them the size of. Moreover, cats might even appear to be a drag, as many participants without pets reported laughing more than cat owners.

Dogs really help you make friends Dogs can generate human social interactions, and it has been suggested it can even enhance feelings of well-being.

Cats make better pets than dogs essay
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