Attitude toward women

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Attitude toward women

This show is only possible and only successful due to the synergy and the cooperative give and take effort of the listeners and myself, so I continue to welcome your calls and communications. Thank you for coming on. I find that extremely encouraging because of the many different misconceptions and attitudes about women in Judaism—and to have something that really focuses on women and their particular issues is just a testimony to the universal and relevant appeal of Torah in general.

The Renaissance Center does offer a complete range of classes for women, afternoon and evening, summer and winter. I see from the program here that it covers the entire gamut. To set the tone, when you talk about this issue of women, in general, the perception that people have of women in Torah is somewhat of an archaic, old-fashioned one.

So I would begin by asking you, how would you articulate the role of a woman in contemporary society from a traditional Torah perspective? How would you define that, particularly taking into account the many misconceptions and stereotypes that this usually evokes?

Attitude toward women

I would say that the role of the woman in many, many ways is not any different from the role of the man. We are here to live a life that has meaning and a life of self-development, of contributing to others—and in this way there is no difference between a man and a woman.

According to Torah, though, there is a division of responsibilities, the concept of a team, where certain responsibilities are distributed more to men and others to women. As any Jew today can be involved in any part of society and at the same time be a Torah observant Jew, it is true for women as well.

Yet at the same time, when many women see, so to speak, a traditional Orthodox Jewish woman, their attitude is that they dress in an old-fashioned way, their role is seemingly exclusively motherhood, and they look down upon them as being career people.


And many feel that Judaism has done that. What do you say to a person who has such an experience?

I think we have to understand a little bit some historical background. Jewish women, during history, definitely concentrated more on home and raising children. During generations, this was very valued, and not only by Jewish people but by non-Jewish people too.

Unfortunately, in our time, family is not valued as much as it should be, and we suffer for it in society. What we would emphasize is that family is important, and raising the next generation to be a healthy, productive and good generation is essential for us, for society, and there is no greater contribution.

Attitude toward women

Technical things could be delegated to others. There are different stages when children are at home, different needs of children, and the woman can definitely develop herself and her career side by side with the family. This is a very challenging job.North Korea calls U.S.

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