An examination of the life and career of yasser arafat

While meant to recognize those whose work has greatly benefited or contributed to the advancement and unity of mankind, the Nobel Peace Prize has sometimes been given to those with violent pasts, those whose award-winning work contains factual errors, or those whose accomplishments do not quiet bear up under close examination. Here are the ten most controversial Nobel Peace Prize winners of all time. There were two reasons for this controversy. His win was also called premature since North Vietnam invaded South Vietnam two years after the prize was awarded, voiding his work.

An examination of the life and career of yasser arafat

Yasser Arafat was born on 24 August, in Cairo, Egypt.

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Yasser Arafat died on 11 November The leader is also known as the Chairman of the Palestine liberation Organization who founded the secular political party Fatah instepping in as its leader. Mainly known for his anti — Israeli stance, Yasser Arafat pushed the country in to a long war with Israel in the name of self — determination.

While Yasser Arafat is portrayed as a martyr in his own country Palestine, Yasser Arafat is also condemned for his attacks on Israeli civilians. The tension between these countries finally began subsiding with the acceptation of UN Security Council resolution inand he eventually succeeded in managing the uneasy balance between militancy and diplomacy in the Middle East.

Yasser Arafat made the mistake of supporting Saddam Hussein during the Kuwait crisis of and paid the price of political isolation in the Gulf. Yasser Arafat was the fifth among the seven children born to Husseini His mother, Zahwa Abul Saud, was from Jerusalem and a religiously devoted woman.

She died from a kidney ailment in Following the death of his mother, Yasser Arafat and his bother Faithi supposedly spent the next four years with his uncle in Jerusalem. Yasser Arafat had a deteriorating relationship with his father and when he died inArafat did not even attend the funeral.


At the same time, Arafat became an Arab nationalist involved in the Palestinian cause. Yasser Arafat began to procure weapons into the territory. Before the Arabs were defeated by Israel inYasser Arafat was a leader in the Palestinian effort to smuggle arms into the territory.

Yasser Arafat served as a second lieutenant in the Egyptian Army during the crisis. After the Suez War, Arafat settled in Kuwait. Yasser Arafat first employed in the department of public works and eventually set up his own contracting firm.

They were both official members of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. Fatah dedicated itself to the liberation of Palestine by an armed struggle and at the end of Arafat left Kuwait to become full — time revolutionary, organizing raids into Israel from Jordan.

In order to act independently, Yasser Arafat refused to accept donations from the major Arab heads. However, Yasser Arafat did not want to alienate them, and sought their support by avoiding alliances with groups loyal to some other ideologies.

Interestingly, the businessmen and oil workers of the Gulf region contributed generously to the Fatah organization. InFatah had approximately three hundred members, but none were fighters.

An examination of the life and career of yasser arafat

Fatah emerged as the most powerful and best organized of the groups and Yasser Arafat became the chairman of the PLO executive committee. Yasser Arafat then sought to build a similar organization in Lebanon.

The Black September, as reported by some noted historians, was a branch of Fatah used for paramilitary operations. It ordered its intelligence agecy, Mossad to hunt down those known to have been involved.

A United States Department of State document, declassified inconcluded that the Khartoum operation was planned and executed with the full knowledge and personal approval of Yasser Arafat.Yasser Arafat Biography, Life, Interesting Facts.

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Yasser Arafat also was known as Abu Ammar, and he was born in Cairo in He rose to fame during the clashes between Palestine and Israel, and for 40 years he was the chairman of . Yasser Arafat “ One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter,” wrote TIME of the heated debate surrounding Yasser Arafat’s controversial Nobel Peace Prize win.

Arafat‘s choice at an early stage of his life to devote his whole being to the Palestinian cause can be explained as a circumvention of the need to deal with difficulties and problems on the personal level. RAMALLAH // Key dates in the life of the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

August 4, Birth of Arafat, whose full name was Mohammed Abdel Rawf Arafat Al Qudwa Al Hussaini, in Cairo. Biography of Yasser Arafat – First President of the Palestinian National Authority Yasser Arafat was a famous President of the Palestinian National Authority.

Yasser Arafat was . Description: Chronicles the life and political career of Yasser Arafat, including his founding of the Palestinian National Liberation Movement and his time as leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization.

Yasser Arafat: Introduction to the Life of a Great Leader