An argument in favor of senator barack obama as the most viable agent of change

What on Earth Is Obama Doing?

An argument in favor of senator barack obama as the most viable agent of change

January 28, at 2: If Kennedy is so concerned about "the amercian dream", why wasn't he in Washington hammering out a bill that might put some money in the hands of those of us who live on SS??

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Congress needs to keep their butts in Washington and get things done that may actually benefit all Americans. The election is 10 months away, personally I'm more concerned with surviving until then.

Caroline's endorsement was something of pure thought, and integrity, with great sincereity! Ted really must have have been twisting, and turning in bed, for several nights, pondering his decision.

The Kennedy's family legacy has never left the poor or disinfranchised down, and once again they've rose to the occasion,Bravo! This surely will help Obama. Senator Ted Kennedy is world known as a champion for the poor. What a coup for this fledgling Senator that dares mention change and hope in the same breath.

What on Earth Is Obama Doing?

January 28, at 3: The Kennedy's need to let go and move on. Even though I am a democrat, Ted is definitely a congressional dinosaur that I wouldn't miss. If he feels we need a new generation of leadership which we dothen he can start with himself. Look, I have no issue with the Kennedys.

Certainly, there are some Kennedy kids and grandkids who are doing public service every day, and that's wonderful. Their opinion of the being important just becasue their name is Kennedy is ludicrous.

Perhaps someone should let THEM know. Laura January 28, at 3: We all know that if ted had endorsed her she would have made a big speach about how important teds endorsement means to her and her campaign. But being that she did not get the kennedy's endorsement she acks like a kid that just got a peace of candy tookin away from her!

An argument in favor of senator barack obama as the most viable agent of change

Let us not forget what she did when she did not get the big unoin endorsement in Las Vagas. Not to mention what she just did this past weekend to her supporter's in S.

For a white influential political family to support an African-American for president,it is a humongous endorsement that will hopefully propel him to victory.

Obama is no John Kennedy. I am glad to hear that Bobby's children have the sense to go with the Clintons, I think he would as well if he were still alive.

Wait until all these folks who state that they are inspired by Obama and his liberal views. I will just sit back and watch. Hopefully Obama will not lose his life the way Bobby Kennedy did. I can't stand Kennedy at all, he disgusts me in everyway! I wonder why he couldn't wait till after Super Tuesday.

I think he is backing a loser, I don't think Obama can win. I think Hillary can. Obama is talking about putting past behind ,but apparently has nothing other than the past to talk about.

His speech earlier today did not have too much mention of anything but the past.

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I for sure am tired of hearing his "noble intentions and the need for change" and all the talk about the dreams-show me the execution plan. JFK was wonderful, OBama is only a smooth, fast talker.

He knows how to wooooo the people.Apr 26,  · But for the most part the debate, moderated by Brian Williams of NBC News, meandered along as the presumed front-runners in the race – Mrs. Clinton and Senator Barack Obama . Barack Obama was the first black senator for the state of Illinois.

Barak was also the first black United States President. Barak made a healthcare program that has been modified to include more people it is called Obamacare. As the contests for the presidential nominations of the Democratic and Republican parties head into the potentially decisive primary voting on February 5, there has been a pronounced shift in favor of the campaign of Senator Barack Obama of Illinois, reflected in a surge in opinion polls, large turnouts at campaign rallies, a flood of campaign .

I believe a change, a new circulation, and fresh thinking is in order and I believe Sen. Barack Obama is currently the most viable agent of change. It seems as though his often repeated platform banner of CHANGE seems to be exactly what most .

Jan 28,  · An endorsement from Ted Kennedy for Barack Obama will probably mean there won't be much 'change' as preached. How can there be change when there is another favor owed. If Barack Obama truly believed in change he would not accept any endorsement from such a Washington insider.

In his post-presidency, Barack Obama has mostly tried to stay out of politics, spending a lot of time goofing off with billionaire friends, writing a book, creating TV shows, and collecting vast sums in buckraking speeches.

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