21st century leadership essay

Leadership in the 21st Century: Compromise and conciliation in the presidency of Barack Obama Barack Obama became the first African-American president of the United States inan accomplishment that few believed could have transpired only a few years before his meteoric political rise. In Leadershipone of the sections is entitled "How can I become disciplined? The product of an absent Kenyan father and a white woman, the young Obama was uncertain of his cultural identity.

21st century leadership essay

Mergendoller Some "projects" border on busywork. Others involve meaningful inquiry that engages students' minds. McIntyre walked around her high school science classroom, she plopped a packet of papers on each student's desk and announced a "project.

The handouts included an assignment sheet with due dates and grading policy, a guide for designing the poster, and a list of websites and books. The teacher would display the best posters. When you were in school, did you make posters, dioramas, and models of buildings or volcanoes?

If you are a teacher, have you asked students to research a topic and present 21st century leadership essay with PowerPoint slides? These are all-too-common examples of the kind of meaning-lite assignments that teachers bill as projects.

A classroom filled with student posters may suggest that students have engaged in meaningful learning. But it is the process of students' learning and the depth of their cognitive engagement— rather than the resulting product—that distinguishes projects from busywork.

First, students must perceive the work as personally meaningful, as a task that matters and that they want to do well.

Second, a meaningful project fulfills an educational purpose. Well-designed and well-implemented project-based learning is meaningful in both ways. As educators with the Buck Institute for Education, we provide professional development to help schools set up a sustained program of in-depth project-based learning throughout a district, network, or state.

In our work with teachers, we have identified seven essential elements of meaningful projects. Let's look at each element by considering what the fictional Ms. McIntyre could have done to create a meaningful project instead of handing out prepared packets.

A Need to Know Imagine that on the first day of the infectious disease unit, Ms. McIntyre showed a video depicting a beautiful beach, which ended with a shot of a sign reading, "Beach Closed: The teacher could then introduce the project by telling students that they would be learning more about ocean pollution and proposing actions to combat it.

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An entry event can be almost anything: In contrast, announcing a project by distributing a packet of papers is likely to turn students off; it looks like a prelude to busywork. Many students find schoolwork meaningless because they don't perceive a need to know what they're being taught.

They are unmotivated by a teacher's suggestion that they should learn something because they'll need it later in life, for the next course, or simply because "it's going to be on the test. I need to know this to meet the challenge I've accepted. A Driving Question After the discussion about beach pollution, Ms.

McIntyre led students in brainstorming possible solutions, such as enacting laws, designing better waste-treatment systems, and raising public awareness about the need to reduce contaminants.

Students created a driving question to focus their efforts, focusing on a specific local area: How can we reduce the number of days Foster's Beach is closed because of poor water quality?

The question should be provocative, open-ended, complex, and linked to the core of what you want students to learn. It could be abstract When is war justified?

A project without a driving question is like an essay without a thesis.

21st century leadership essay

Without a thesis statement, a reader might be able to pick out the main point a writer is trying to make; but with a thesis statement, the main point is unmistakable. Without a driving question, students may not understand why they are undertaking a project.Focus on Leadership: Servant-Leadership for the 21st Century [Larry C.

Spears, Michele Lawrence, Ken Blanchard] on initiativeblog.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This collection of inspiring essays focuses on the practice ofservant-leadership in organizational and business settings.

Focuson Leadership addresses how servant-leadership is now increasinglyrecognized as being on the . View this essay on Leadership in the 21st Century. The catalyst of all successful leadership is trust and the ability to stay consistent transparent and honest.

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The psychological traits of Nordics were described as truthful, equitable, competitive. We ask you, humbly, to help us. We hope you enjoy this web site and what it represents. If so, fantastic!

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The thing is we're an independent group of normal people who donate our time to . Technology And The 21st Century - 21st century learning is bold, flexible, creative, challenging, and complex; it takes into account the rapidly changing world filled with new problems and new possibilities (21stcenturyschools, ).

21st Century Leadership Toconnicer Parker Abstract Gigi Butler, also known as the Cupcake Queen, is an entrepreneur and Founder & CEO of the World Famous Gigi’s Cupcakes, a multi million dollar company with over .

21st century leadership essay
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